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Map of Barcelona's urban bus, night bus and tourist bus

The city of Barcelona has an extensive network of buses that offer different services. The ticket can be purchased on the bus and can't be used in other transportation (as opposed to cards that are bought at tobacconists or vending machines in the metro, which allow different transports climb).

As in other Spanish cities, passengers enter through the front door of the bus and down the rear doors (perhaps seems obvious to the Spanish, but there are countries that do the reverse). When approaching your stop, warn the driver in advance by pressing the button "Sol·licitut de parada" (request stop).

On this page we only show the data and bus map of Barcelona and we have separated into several sections bus maps, because this site took too long to load.

Bus map of Barcelona (full), the map is very large but contains accurate details.
Bus map of Barcelona full
Barcelona Bus Map (by area), is the same as above, but with more detail and resolution.
Barcelona Bus Map by area
Maps of each bus line Barcelona, routes and timetables.
All lines bus Barcelona
Night bus map of Barcelona.
Night bus map of Barcelona
Tourist bus map of Barcelona .
Tourist bus map of Barcelona

Here are some tips for citizenship when traveling by public transport in Barcelona, ​​bus or other public transport.

Please leave the seats (are grey color) reserved to people with special atention. When boarding the bus, you can put the stroller in the place reserved for wheelchairs, if not busy. Wheelchairs have priority. We recommend the use of the belt.

Safety belt obligatory. Place the wheelchair facing the back of the vehicle, againsts the backrest provided and with the brakes on.

Calculate your route on any Barcelona public transport

With this form of "Google Maps" you can calculate the fastest route to get from one point to another of the city using public transportation. It takes into account any transport Barcelona either metro, bus, tram, etc.. For example, if you want to go from Sants train station to Plaza Catalunya:

  Origen Origen
  Destino Destino

Tip: We advise you to write a street, station, town or place, add your text at the end of a comma (ie ",") and the word "Barcelona", as shown in the two examples above.


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