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Night bus map of Barcelona

Night buses are characterized by the letter "N" before the number (the "N" is the word "nit", which in Catalan means "night"). All night buses going through the Plaza de Catalunya.

The three maps are from Plaza Catalunya to the entire network of night buses in Barcelona and surroundings. So people out partying in Barcelona and its nightclubs, pubs, clubs, etc., can take any night bus in Plaza Catalunya and from there to wherever they want.

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Night bus map of Barcelona (zone plaza Catalunya)

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Night bus map of Barcelona (zoom zone)

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Night bus map of Barcelona (Nit Bus)

leyenda del mapa

The original PDF map and more up-to-date information can be found on the official night bus website


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Calculate your route on any Barcelona public transport (in real time)

With this form of "Google Maps" you can calculate the fastest route to get from one point to another of the city using public transportation. It takes into account any transport Barcelona either metro, bus, tram, etc.. For example, if you want to go from Plaza Catalunya to Sants train station:

  Origen Origen
  Destino Destino

Tip: We advise you to write a street, station, town or place, add your text at the end of a comma (ie ",") and the word "Barcelona", as shown in the two examples above.

If you detect a failure or modification, send us a message explaining the fault and we will fix it.

Thank you very much for your visit, we hope you have found our night bus maps of Barcelona helpful.


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